Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Sitting on my cozy settee on a hot lazy afternoon, watching ‘Discovery Channel’ with no interest and browsing the international market on my new Iphone at the same time, I hear the alarming melody of my doorbell. I switched the volume low, let the phone lay on the couch, and gathered strength to push myself towards the door.
 “Is he there?” Inquired the stranger
“Who--? John?” I questioned him.
“Ah yes uncle, John!” He replied after a pause.
“You’ve come at a wrong time son. He’s probably in office right now” I updated him.
“Oh…” He looked dejected.
The stranger was in his early twenties, the same age as John, was dressed up in a zebra checked shirt and a rugged blue denim jeans; the watch he was wearing on his left wrist had a classy look which I’d seen only rich merchants, who go for the races, wear it. I figured out by his fancy look that he must be from a well to do family.
“Can I have a glass of water, Uncle?” He asked politely
“Sure! Come inside son! Have a seat” I tried to make him comfortable.
I fetched him an orange juice after a couple of minutes and switched off the television set as I noticed he wasn’t really interested in watching animals; instead he kept gazing at the paintings on the walls, the ancient Egyptian statues on the chiffonier and the crystal chandelier above his head. Being from a wealthy family, as I assumed, I think he probably appreciates art.
“I guess surprises come in handy” he joked
“Ah I’m sorry son, why don’t you visit us during weekend when John is home” I sympathized with him. “So you boys from the same college” I continued
“Ah--yes uncle” He replied after a pause. “I got to know through a mutual friend of ours that he resides here and I thought of surprising him” he replied spontaneously.
When I was young, living with no communication devices, surprises would be the only way how I used to win the hearts of people I loved, may it be my family or friends; hence I really appreciated how this little fellow used the old fashioned traditional style.
“Maybe I should drop by this weekend, will John be there?”
“Why don’t you join us for lunch this Saturday?”
“That would be great uncle! Thank you!” he appreciated. He glanced at his watch to check on the time. “It’s late! I think I should probably leave”
We both got up at the same time and walked a few steps towards the door. The kid had a personality and I liked his company and I hoped he liked mine because I remember when I was in my teens I never liked any of my friend’s father; most of them being draconian and unfriendly in nature.
“Oh! I forgot to ask your name son?”
He smiled at me. “It’s-- Sam…Sam Thomas”
“I’ll give him your regards! Take care son”
The kid looked like he was in a hurry. I slammed the door and went off to sleep.

As I still lay on my bed, I heard footsteps getting louder and in a matter of seconds a familiar voice echoed beside me.
 “Hello dad! How’s your day?”
“It was pretty good. A friend of yours had come by” I tried to make him guess.
“Who?” he looked surprised.
“Let’s talk about it over dinner, son!”
“Okay.” He looked tired as every day. “Hey dad, my internet has expired! Can I use your phone please?”
“I think it’s lying on the couch in the living room” I recollected.
“Thank you”
I lifted my body up, switched on the lamp to find my glasses and my feet searched for the slippers. I got up, stood straight to look myself in the mirror to check out my ill face and as I tugged the shirt in my pantaloon, I heard John cry out loud from the living room “Hey dad, I can’t find your phone in the couch or anywhere!! Where is it??”


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