Friday, 1 June 2012

“The Mischievous Patels”

The rain had stopped pouring and the ominous clouds parted to let the Sun shine upon the Earth again. Mr.Patel combed his hair, picked up his brolly , made a few final adjustments to his appearance and left his humble abode to rescue his son from the draconian class teacher, Mrs. Nicole Briganza.
His son, known as Rahul from the day he was born was the most mischievous terror that ever existed in the history of their bloodline. Once he was caught emptying the medicinal powders from the capsules and replacing them with talcum powder. The pills belonged to his grandfather, a heart patient, who needed to meet a doctor every alternate day.  Though mother came up with the most fitting way to deal with him, which was to sell his mobile gizmo on Ebay, his grandmother being a traditional woman locked him in a room with her, hiding the keys so no one interrupted them, carrying along with her a wooden stick. No one knew what happened after that, even though Rahul’s cries for help left no doubt in people’s minds. Unfortunately, no hero created by Stan Lee came to his rescue.
I’ll make sure that you are suspended this time for a whole month!” Mrs. Briganza shouted at Rahul.
“But it was Nikhil who did it! I’m not at fault!” Rahul said, trying not to look guilty.
“Keep your silly excuses to yourself or I’ll make sure you’ll have to find yourself a new school soon” she threatened.
Rahul shook his head and decided to remain calm while waiting for his father to take charge of the situation.
“Hopefully your father has better manners than you!” she screamed in frustration. Her remarks were turning out to be more sardonic than sarcastic.
Fraught with distress, Rahul looked at his watch and realized that his agony had already commenced.
“I’m here to meet Mrs. Briganza.” Mr. Patel asked the pretty receptionist, who was busy on another line.
“Parents call?” She asked.
“Ah---Yes” He tried to hide his embarrassment with a casual reply.
“First floor, second door to your left” She smiled.
“Thank you”

Knock Knock.
Familiar with his father’s knocking behavior Rahul jumped, “I think my father is outside the door.”
“Bring him inside.” she said, her voice marking her voice tone marking the arrival of a catastrophe due at any moment.
As Mr. Patel entered the room, he was mysteriously startled as he saw the beautiful and yet very authoritarian Mrs. Briganza. Her expression was the same; cantankerous and draconian.
“Rahul, please wait outside the room, I would prefer to talk to your father in private.” She said gently, her tone softening from her usual bark.
Rahul turned and walked towards the door, feeling relieved that his father wouldn’t have to be embarrassed in front of his son.

Mr. Patel and Mrs. Bariganza remained quiet and bandied mysterious looks to each other for a couple of minutes.
“Nicole?” Mr. Patel asked with a doubt inside his puzzling head.
“Raj?” She replied with a question. “It’s---been a long time! How’ve you been?”
“I’m doing well” replied Mr. Patel with a mischievous smile. “You still look the same—the way you used to during our college days” he continued flirting.
“Oh please----“she replied blushingly. “So Rahul is your son?” She asked with deep interest.
“Yes, he is”  “He could have been our son if things had worked out well.”
“But we were too young then, and not serious at all” She explained. “And everything happens for good Raj.”
“Yes, you’re right.” He smiled. “Anyway, so when did you turn Briganza?”
“About a decade earlier.”
(The conversation continues....)
After half an hour, Mr. Patel enters the corridor looks down angrily and ferociously towards his son, “Your mother is definitely selling your Play Station on Ebay this time.”

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