Friday, 2 March 2012

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ___________ !!

Everyone is familiar with fungus growing out of the walls but we never tried to find out how it gives birth to itself. Well, I’m not going to throw the blanket of boredom over you explaining the history but Michael, my Dutch uncle tells me it has something to do with high humidity, condensation and water leaks. Just google it if you readers want to know more about this weird and silly issue!!

You can ignore the first paragraph, it’s not really important.
Let me introduce Peter, the dirtiest man alive on this planet who also happens to be my friend, unfortunately. Why dirty?? You will know soon!!

If there is anything I can’t live with in this world, it will be my wife, Mary. For Mary, it’s not me, but shopping. For Peter, it’s MUSHROOMS!!

Back in schooldays I remember Peter bringing fried mushrooms almost every other day. Well, we all stayed away from him. None of us really liked mushrooms in those juvenile days.

In college, he was kicked out of the rugby
team. Why?? At half time ‘hungry Peter’ was starving. It was Tuesday. Peter knew his special was cooking in the canteen kitchen and knew where he was supposed to be. The college never saw him back on the pitch again.

Next was his marriage reception where I had to taste five different types of mushrooms. I think that was the last time I’ve ever had mushrooms in my life.

My official trip to Copenhagen for a couple of days helped me to meet Peter after four long years since I stay in Rome now. He has a beautiful, country-looking house. Since I was so tired, I went to take a shower straightaway. To my surprise, something was waiting for me ‘down’ there. Guess what?? I saw “MUSHROOMS” growing out from every corner of the wall. I rushed out with only my towel on.

“Did I just see mushrooms going in your bathroom”?
“You know I can’t kill them”
“Are you insane?”
“Sshhh…Just a couple of weeks more and then I’m going to cook it myself”.

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